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     Fruit Trees....

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    Posts: 213
    Join date: 2009-05-05

    PostSubject: Fruit Trees....   Tue 05 May 2009, 23:59

    I have planted in the last year or so some fruit trees.. thinking that this year the apple and pear would at least flower... but it hasn't...

    Anyone know why as all the other trees around my area have??
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    PostSubject: Re: Fruit Trees....   Wed 06 May 2009, 01:39

    Its possible that they are ones that only blossom every 2 years. What type are they? When you say that they were planted a year or so ago do remember when?

    I will say that my fruit trees are stil indoors waiting for better weather to plant them out in containers.
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    Posts: 213
    Join date: 2009-05-05

    PostSubject: Re: Fruit Trees....   Wed 06 May 2009, 02:06

    Ahh.. well I can't remember.. all I know is that I planted them very early last year.. one was an apple and one was a pear... I also planted a plum tree and this year I have planted a cherry.

    Interesting fact is that if you have 5 apple trees in the uk you can say you have an orchard lol...

    I should have kept the labels really.. I had them for a while but not sure what happened to them.. drat... so might be ones that flower every other year then... trust me to get those!!

    Thanks Susie.

    Hope your trees grow well and flower every year!

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    Fruit Trees....

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