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 weight watchers... how? what?

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PostSubject: weight watchers... how? what?   Sat 03 Jul 2010, 07:11

Im interested in doing the weight watchers diet but i really don't want to join and pay out (being tight!)
Whats the main book called..? helppppppp

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PostSubject: Re: weight watchers... how? what?   Mon 12 Jul 2010, 19:18

Well I think there are two diets now.

One is the core... that works out you have so many points a day to eat and lots of things are free to eat.. and if you exercise you get more points that you can have as food.. but really why... as you want to lose weight don't you.

The second I am not sure on .. but you get less points as the other but I believe all fruit and veg etc are counted in your points and this goes on your weight/age. You are only allowed these points per day and think the things with exercise works the same.

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PostSubject: Re: weight watchers... how? what?   Sat 02 Jul 2011, 08:11

HI jacqui
how are you finding ww plan do you weigh your food portions are you on the new pro points plan i was doing ww but find i was always hungry if you have any suggestions i would be ever so grateful
what kind of foods do you have for lunch and what point values are they
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PostSubject: Re: weight watchers... how? what?   Sat 13 Aug 2011, 10:20

OMG Molly

I have just found your post how bad of me...

well I am finding it really different to SW thats for sure... as with that ... there are no portion sizes really.

I am on the Propoints... which is ok... the more you have to lose the more points you get and then of course as you lose the points you lose too!!

Still trying to sort out the food portions etc and what I can eat... but I tend to walk around the supermarket with my green box thing from the class (which I don't go do but got a friend to get me one while they were on special offer!!) and this calculates what points or propoints each thing is... I tend to go for an iceland meal lol that is WW and fill up with loads of veg.. just pour it on top... this has helped me kick start it again.

Just reached over my first stone so happy again.

I take a WW meal for lunch and throw in the microwave same sort that I have for dinner but no veg but I have a lot of fruit throughout the day.

Hope this helps.

If you want to know anything or PP of anything then just ask and I will do it for you. Sorry for the delay x
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PostSubject: Re: weight watchers... how? what?   

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weight watchers... how? what?
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